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  • Jeezy - Seen It All: The Autobiography (Deluxe) (iTunes Version)

    A word like "under-rated" gets throw around so often now it doesn't mean much. Can you really be underrated when fifty sites have done a "100 Under-Rated Rappers" listicle, and the same rappers are on every one? What rating are we even referring to? Whose rating? Is any rapper ever just properly rated?* But....Young "Don't Call Me Young" Jeezy might just be one of the most under-rated rappers still moving, and I know because I under-rated him for years. My first introduction to Jeezy was when I first started reading news reports that schools across America were banning Snowman t-shirts. (Surprise suburban America, snow is a metaphor for cocaine.) Of course, those news reports immediately made me go listen to Jeezy's recently released Thug Motivation 101 album which because I was still firmly entrenched in my lyrical east-coast rap over everything phase...
    Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
    Released: Sep 02, 2014
    ℗ 2014 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
    1 1/4 Block
    2 What You Say
    3 Black Eskimo
    4 Enough
    5 Holy Ghost
    6 Me OK
    7 4 Zones
    8 Been Getting Money (feat. Akon)
    9 Fuck the World (feat. August Alsina)
    10 Seen It All (feat. JAY Z)
    11 Win Is a Win
    12 Beautiful (feat. Game & Rick Ross)
    13 Beez Like (feat. Boosie Badazz)
    14 No Tears (feat. Future)
    15 How I Did It (Perfection)

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  • Basement Jaxx - Junto (Deluxe Version) (iTunes Version)

    From their '90s singles to the more ambitious projects they tackled in the decades to come, Basement Jaxx were one of the U.K.'s most respected — and enjoyable — progressive house acts. While virtually everything South London production duo Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton released was rooted in house, they mutated several styles (R&B, U.K. garage, ragga, Latin jazz, ambient techno) with an unmatched restlessness. They constantly shuffled the deck, all the while collaborating with an endless array of vocalists both known (including Biz Markie, Siouxsie Sioux, and Yoko Ono) and unknown. Before they met (at a Thames riverboat party organized by Buxton), Ratcliffe grooved to the deep Latin funk of War and George Duke, while Buxton was turned on to Chicago house. Ratcliffe and Buxton formed Atlantic Jaxx Records in 1994 and were undoubtedly honored to count among fans of their first release none other than DJ legend and Basement Jaxx influence Tony Humphries, who played...
    Genres: Dance, Music
    Released: Aug 26, 2014
    ℗ 2014 Atlantic Jaxx Recordings Ltd.
    1-1 Intro
    1-2 Power to the People
    1-3 Unicorn
    1-4 Never Say Never
    1-5 We Are Not Alone
    1-6 What's the News
    1-7 Summer Dem
    1-8 Buffalo
    1-9 Rock This Road
    1-10 Sneakin' Toronto
    1-11 Something About You
    1-12 Mermaid of Salinas
    1-13 Love Is At Your Side
    2-1 Galactical
    2-2 What a Difference Your Love Makes
    2-3 Daddy Makes Boom Boom
    2-4 Never Say Never (Jaxx Extended Mix)
    2-5 House Scene (Edit)
    2-6 Back 2 the Wild (Jaxx Extended Mix)
    2-7 Mermaid of Salinas (Boris Brejcha Remix)
    2-8 Moments In Dub
    2-9 Wherever You Go
    2-10 Back 2 the Wild (Korean Version)
    2-11 Back 2 the Wild (Gorgon City Remix)
    2-12 Never Say Never (GotSome Bring It Back Remix - Edit)
    2-13 Junto Album Mix (Continuous Mix) [Bonus Track]

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  • Asa - Bed of Stone (Mastered for iTunes)

    A?a set off to take flight with the release of her first single, "Fire on the Mountain", in 2007. The single (which has a surprisingly lilting melody for its accompanying lyrics warning of ecological disaster) had already received wide airplay on stations in Europe when her self-titled debut album hit stores in October of that same year. A?a (pronounced Asha) is no stranger to France, where her album was recorded and produced, having been born in the capital city of Paris. Born Bukola Elemide in 1982, the singer has only the vaguest of memories of her birth city, since she was only two years old when her family returned to Nigeria. Their time spent in Paris was brief, but A?a's fate was tied up with the City of Light and it was to Paris that she returned 20 years later to record her first major work in the studio. A?a grew up in Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria and a city buzzing with energy but also home to a deep-rooted spirituality. In Lagos, she matured amidst a population balancing...
    Genres: Pop, Music, Rock
    Released: Aug 25, 2014
    ℗ 2014 naïve
    1 Dead Again
    2 Eyo
    3 Satan Be Gone
    4 Bed of Stone
    5 Moving On
    6 Grateful
    7 Society
    8 How Did Love Find Me
    9 Ife
    10 Situation
    11 New Year
    12 The One That Never Comes
    13 Sometimes I Wonder
    14 Shine Your Light
    + Digital Booklet - Bed of Stone

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  • Rustie - Green Language (iTunes Version)

    One reasonable reaction to Glass Swords, Rustie's debut album, was that the young Scottish producer could have dialed it down a bit. Obstinately complex and lurid, none of its tracks seemed to be made with any desire to be taken as tasteful. For his second album, also released on Warp, Rustie indeed slows it down a bit and peels away some layers, but he does so without making any concessions to politeness. Most of these tracks breathe more, due in part to allow room for grime great D Double E, tense duo Gorgeous Children, and a typically foul-mouthed Danny Brown, whose 2013 album Old included a trio of Rustie beats. Dynamic instrumental cuts like "Raptor," "Paradise Stone," and "Tempest," like much of Glass Swords, evoke colorful...
    Genres: Electronic, Music, Rock, Alternative, Dance
    Released: Aug 25, 2014
    ℗ 2014 Warp Records Limited
    1 Workship
    2 A Glimpse
    3 Raptor
    4 Paradise Stone
    5 Up Down (feat. D Double E)
    6 Attak (feat. Danny Brown)
    7 Tempest
    8 He Hate Me (feat. Gorgeous Children)
    9 Velcro
    10 Lost (feat. Redinho)
    11 Dream On
    12 Lets Spiral
    13 Green Language

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  • Brad Paisley - Moonshine in the Trunk (Mastered for iTunes)

    Ambition got the better of Brad Paisley on 2013's Wheelhouse, coaxing him into the briar patch that was "Accidental Racist" — an ill-conceived cross-cultural duet with LLCool J which generated a flurry of headlines that camouflaged how the album straight-up flopped on country radio. Wheelhouse was Paisley's first record since Play not to go gold, and even that is misleading because that 2008 effort was an instrumental album and those never sell in large numbers; subtract that from his stats and the 2013 record achieves the ignoble status of his first-ever album not to reach gold and, perhaps more importantly, his first not to generate a number one single. Paisley slyly alludes to this slump, singing "I guess I've been in a dry spell, but that's about to change" on "Crushin' It," the opening track of his 2014 album Moonshine in the Trunk, a phrasing that suggests...
    Genres: Country, Music, Urban Cowboy, Contemporary Country
    Released: Jul 05, 2014
    ℗ 2014 Sony Music Entertainment
    1 Crushin' It
    2 River Bank
    3 Perfect Storm
    4 High Life
    5 Moonshine in the Trunk
    6 Shattered Glass
    7 Limes
    8 You Shouldn't Have To
    9 4WP (feat. Brad Paisley)
    10 Cover Girl
    11 Gone Green
    12 Jfk 1962
    13 American Flag on the Moon
    14 Country Nation
    15 Me and Jesus (Extra Special Bonus Track)
    + Digital Booklet - Moonshine in the Trunk

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  • Broods - Evergreen (Mastered for iTunes)

    Vocalist Georgia Nott and her older multi-instrumentalist brother Caleb Nott are Broods, a cleverly and descriptively named electronic pop duo from Auckland, New Zealand. The Notts, who grew up surrounded by music, have played together since they were children. They were in the Peasants, a band that won a competition for intermediate (junior high) and high school musical acts in 2011. After the Peasants broke up, the siblings formed Broods and connected with producer Joel Little, who had served as a judge during the contest. In October 2013, months after Little gained recognition for his work with Auckland native Lorde, Broods uploaded "Bridges" to their Soundcloud page and subsequently signed major-label contracts for various territories. The following January, "Bridges" was released commercially and reached the Top Ten...
    Genres: Alternative, Music, Electronic, Downtempo, Rock
    Released: 22 August 2014
    ℗ 2014 Dryden Street Ltd, under exclusive license to Island Records Australia / Universal Music Australia
    1 Mother & Father
    2 Everytime
    3 Killing You
    4 Bridges
    5 L.A.F
    6 Never Gonna Change
    7 Sober
    8 Medicine
    9 Evergreen
    10 Four Walls
    11 Superstar

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